The need for each organization and company to add the use of configuration management (CM) in the running of the operations can’t be overemphasized. This is very necessary so that they can keep track and have total knowledge about every of their products and the modifications made to such products of these projects. Familiarity with these products is important as such details might be needed by any of their clients in the future as well as in the case regarding keeping track of modifications, it will allow you understand where you stand and how an individual arrived right now there.

A typical illustration is when we consider Apple company for instance; they’ve iPhone 6 as one of their particular most recent cellphones. But that does not mean that several customers are not necessarily still using iPhone 3. Suppose a client needs some need Apple company to repair their iPhone 3, it might be impossible if a report of that sort of the product isn’t available also to worsen problem, if the authentic designer of that version is not any more. This is the reason Configuration Management is indeed important. There are software intended for the purpose of CM as well as trained experts who specialize in using this software with regard to CM purposes are referred to as Configuration Managers or Librarian. All the different possible things a configuration administrator can achieve for a firm using the CM software may be overwhelming. In this post, I will simply mention several but you could do a more detailed study on this.

A configuration manager can help the project manager in the planning of a project to be able to determine the level of details necessary. He or she can also assist in the identification of what configuration product will be beneath configuration control. They can also help in the control (which comprises procedures to bring base line of products underneath the control of Configuration Management catalogue). The manager can also help along with status accounting (to document and report all products in the CM databases) and verification which is a type of review and audit to see that the right version of items are used throughout a project.

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